June Scoliosis Awareness Month

June is Scoliosis Awareness Month

Scoliosis affects up to 13% of the population.  At United Health Chiropractic we specialize in scoliosis rehabilitation.   Dr. Schroeder is the only CLEAR Scoliosis certified Chiropractor in ND, tailoring individual exercises to improve function and reduce pain in the spinal curve of patients with scoliosis.  Call today for a free phone consultation to learn how our approach can help you.  Bring your child in for a free screening for the entire month of June.

To evaluate if you or your loved ones may be affected  with scoliosis check the following warning signs. 

While Standing:               

·         Shoulders are different heights, or one shoulder blade is more prominent.

·         Head is not centered over the pelvis.

·         One hip appears higher or is more prominent.

·         Rib cage is uneven.

·         Waist is uneven (one side appears more curved than the other).

·         The entire body leans to one side